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Financial District

Pardes Group Inc

Pardes Group Inc

Our Journey

Located in the heart of London's bustling Covent Garden, Pardes Group Inc specializes in financial services and fund management. The company is registered at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, UK, WC2H 9JQ.


Incorporated on January 14, 2022, it is a key player in the broader Pardes Group Companies & Associates conglomerate.

The core services include

  • specialized credit granting (SIC 64929),

  • financial intermediation (SIC 64999),

  • security and commodity contracts dealing (SIC 66120),

  • and fund management (SIC 66300).


These offerings position the company as a versatile financial institution capable of catering to a diverse array of client needs.

Pardes Group Inc excels in specialized credit services, financial intermediation, and comprehensive fund management.


Its commitment to compliance and governance makes it a reliable partner for both individual and institutional clients.

 Seamless Integration Across Group Companies

Are you seeking a financial partner capable of offering a multifaceted approach to your monetary, investment, and consultancy needs?


Look no further than the Pardes Group, where we have cultivated an ecosystem of services that not only stand out individually but also complement each other seamlessly when integrated across our various group companies. 

Pardes Group Inc


- Tailored Credit Solutions (SIC 64929)

- Financial Intermediation (SIC 64999)

- Securities and Commodities Contracts Dealing (SIC 66120)

- Comprehensive Fund Management (SIC 66300)

From niche credit services to robust fund management, Pardes Group Inc is your go-to for a broad range of financial services.


Located in the heart of London’s financial district, we are strategically positioned to serve a diverse client base with bespoke financial solutions.


Pardes Group International Ltd  

- Financial Intermediation (SIC 64999)
- Financial Management (SIC 70221)
- Management Consultancy (SIC 70229)
- Business Support Services (SIC 82990)


If business consultancy and administrative support are what you seek, Pardes Group International Ltd is the answer.

With a focus on strategy, organisational structure, and financial planning, we offer a range of consultative and supportive services to elevate your business to the next level.


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