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Our Team

The Pardes Group, along with its associated entities, operates as a global consortium leveraging strategic joint ventures and equity participations to establish a robust international footprint. Anchored by the family-owned enterprises of the Garcia Verdun lineage, the Group epitomizes both foundational stability and a forward-thinking vision.

In each of our global outposts, we eschew direct integration of new investors and partners into existing corporate structures. Instead, we instantiate new, non-binding legal entities to act as regional proxies for our projects, be it at a country, state, or regional level. 

This nuanced approach affords us the operational agility required to navigate the labyrinthine landscape of local regulations, while also furnishing our partners with a risk-mitigated, efficient investment vehicle.


The strategy is meticulously designed to honour the variegated complexities of local markets and seamlessly integrate resources and expertise in alignment with the Group's overarching strategic imperatives.

Pardes Group takes immense pride in maintaining a cadre of highly qualified professionals at our base offices, each possessing specialized skills across a spectrum of disciplines. Our in-house talent pool is the cornerstone upon which we build our reputation for delivering exemplary services tailored to individual client needs. 

However, our commitment to excellence doesn't stop there. For each client-specific project or proposal, we go a step further by assembling an exclusive, dedicated team. This team is carefully curated, not just from our internal talent pool, but also sourced from the best that the global and local markets have to offer. The objective is to align the team’s collective expertise precisely with the unique demands and challenges of each project.

This bespoke approach allows us to deliver highly specialized solutions that are meticulously crafted to meet and exceed client expectations. Each team operates in synergy, drawing from a well of global and local insights, to drive the project to successful completion. Whether it's navigating local compliance regulations, understanding market nuances, or leveraging global best practices, our exclusive teams are equipped to manage the complexities that invariably arise in customized projects.

By combining the core competencies of our base office professionals with the specialized skills of experts sourced for each project, Pardes Group ensures a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to problem-solving and project execution. This dynamic and adaptable model ensures that we are always prepared to meet the evolving demands of the business landscape, thereby solidifying our position as a leader in delivering tailor-made, effective solutions.

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