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Pardes Group International: Abilities, Facilities, and SIC Registers


1. Financial Intermediation: Pardes Group International specializes in acting as an intermediary between different financial entities such as banks, investment firms, and insurance companies.

2. Management Consultancy: The company offers consulting services across a variety of management functions including strategy, operations, and human resources.

3. Business Support Services: They provide auxiliary services that range from accounting and bookkeeping to administrative support, thereby ensuring businesses can focus on their core operations.


1. Global Network: Their expansive global network enables them to offer services that span multiple countries and industries.

2. Advanced Technology: They employ cutting-edge technology solutions to provide efficient and effective services.

3. Expert Team: Their workforce comprises industry veterans, financial experts, and business consultants who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience.

SIC Registers:

- SIC 64999 - Financial Intermediation: This SIC code suggests that the company engages in financial activities that don't fall under any specific category. This could include a range of financial services such as specialized financing, investment consultancy, and more.

- SIC 70221 - Financial Management: Under this code, the company is allowed to provide financial management services, which could range from budgeting and financial planning to risk assessment and investment portfolio management.

- SIC 70229 - Management Consultancy Activities: This indicates that the company is engaged in providing advice and consultancy in various management functions.

- SIC 82990 - Other Business Support Service Activities: This category enables the company to offer an array of business support services like administrative support, outsourcing, and other back-office functions.

By leveraging their abilities in financial intermediation, management consultancy, and business support services, Pardes Group International can offer a broad spectrum of services.

Their facilities and technological prowess further enhance their service delivery. Finally, their diverse SIC registrations allow them to operate in multiple sectors, providing a one-stop solution for various financial and business needs.

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